Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dryer Vent Wizard

UPDATE:  Turns out the dryer tube runs out of the dryer into the wall....then up the wall...through the ceiling and out.  It was COMPLETELY clogged.  Awful!  As far as we know, it has never been cleaned so going years and years and years of lint and possibly not all ours....YUCK!  Now for the good news....all cleaned out.  Used to have to run the dryer at least 3 times on high to get anything to dry.....NOW......one cycle on low and all is dry...including towels!  WHAT?!  That is awesome AND the lint trap was filled with lint as it should have been.  I am interested to see the impact on our power bill too.  Good stuff!!!

Just throwing this out there for your safety!  My dryer has been acting up by making me run loads 2 and 3 times to get them dry.  It is an older dryer and I thought that was what was causing the problem.  Then the other day, I washed some towels and blankets and there was no lint in the lint trap and there should have been a TON!  Then it hit me that maybe there was a blockage…..then it hit me…if there is a blockage then maybe that is why things aren’t drying…..I am a little slow putting things together….should have figured this out a while back…but anway….

Called my plumber who recommended and appliance repair guy who said we needed to Dryer Vent Wizard.  I called them and someone was out there the next day.  Turns out we were completely blocked.  We could have had a fire on our hands!!!  They came in and vacuumed the entire length of the dryer tube from the wall through the ceiling and out the vent in the front outside.  Just wanted to pass on in case you haven’t thought of this and have never had yours cleaned…..

They are a national company so you may or may not have a franchise in your area but just do a search for anyone that cleans air ducts....they will probably do this too.....

 1-866-SAFE (7233)

(lots of testimonials on the website)


  1. So glad you were able to put all that together and figure out what the problem was! I have never thought of that possibility. I bet you will be pleasently surprised when you get your power bill!

  2. We used to have a similar problem with our dryer. Several cycles to dry one load. No fun especially when the dryer is in the basement. We cleaned out our dryer and it made a big difference as well. Happy One Cycle Drying:)