Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh the Summer Flip-Flop Heels....

I don't know if you guys go through the same thing but in the summer with all the heat and all the flip-flops.....the heels get a little dry.  I have tried lotion and special potions and then the sweet, sweet Celeste who does our pedicures said to get this:  Glysolid!  This miracle cream is awesome.  You just need to put a little on every night before you go to bed.  You don't need to glop it on....which I learned....just a little every night and after a week....awesome!!!

My mom was in a car accident when she was 18 and broke her neck....she is obviously fine now, but while she was in traction and stuck in a bed for so long, she got an awful bedsore on one of her heels.  It has always been an issue.  It always gets tough and can cause pain.  Celeste told her to try this.  Mom started it right after the last pedicure and used it every night.  Three or so weeks later when she went back, Celeste did not have to use the scrubby heel buffer on her heel or heels at all.  They were perfectly smooth.

I was not as regimented with mine so last time I went, I still had to have the buffer but since then, I have been on point so now I put some on every night and it has made a big difference!  Anyway....we bought it on Amazon and it is about $9-$10 bucks.  It will last a don't need a lot.

Here is the outside and the inside.....just thought I would share....I am all about being sucked into beauty products!  I will try them all and will let you know!

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