Sunday, August 5, 2012

House Centipede Lesson

I have read about these and they are not bad guys but for the love!  When you see one in your bathroom...creep factor to the extreme.  Because I know they are harmless and they are there to take care of spidersbed bugstermitescockroachessilverfishants.....I want them to kind of hang out but then when I see one.....creepy, creepy, creepy!  I don't kill them...I just try and catch them and set them free as it was last night.  Here is my little buddy visiting last night in the bathroom:

No matter how good they are at catching the other scary bugs I hate....little buddy had to get the heck out of my space!  He was a little high on the wall so I opened my bathroom window....lifted the screen....grabbed an empty toilet paper roll....scooped him up in it and freaked out because he is fast and threw all out the window!  I don't think he was hurt but now I have a toilet paper roll on my roof.....

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