Monday, September 5, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

We are finally getting some rain....I think we have had a half inch of rain since the end of July!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! I love me some rainy days. I know there are those that love sun, sun, sun...but I am so tired of sun and heat...having this cloudy, rainy, windy day has been perfect. You kind of feel it is okay to relax because getting out in it is just too yucky. AND if nothing else, the birds are happy with the wet. I got some pics of our birds on the feeder and just some other pics:

This is outside my bedroom can see all the rain down the road, a beautiful thing:

Now here are the birds! We have windows with half screens so I can open them from the top or the bottom and I can get some clear shots of my birds in the rain. I was so shocked how they were hanging out in the big wind...they were loving it:

So excited we have had some ring-neck doves. My Grandma has tons of them at her house so I am excited they have shown up here:

Hi Woodpecker!

And others:

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