Sunday, November 15, 2009

TMI?????? Probably....

Okay...this is probably too much, but I couldn't help share the excitement of a great deal! I would like to thank Mom for an early Christmas present and I would like to thank Lane Bryant and Cacique! $300 worth of bras for $100! And yes....I did get a leopard....what the heck is up with that????!!!

I wrestled with posting this, but you know what???....girls wear bras and it is what it is and if anyone is looking for awesome bras.....because shopping for them and trying them on SUCK! is a great resource!! You guys don't have to worry about this obviously but when underwires snap and you are constantly uncomfortable and tugging on these boogers all is HEAVEN when you find comfort and pretty all in one package AND a great sale!!! WOOT!!! I ain't ashamed!

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