Monday, November 23, 2009

BAD Lunch with Grandma!

Okay....not bad because bad to be with Mom, Aunt Melissa and Grandma, BUT bad because of the not bad, but sooooooo bad for you....never eat fried food but let loose on this day AND paid for it for 2 days....tummy not used to this amount of fried...BUT it was good!

We met in Dadeville at a restaurant Oskar's. It is a hometown cafe that does seafood and bbq. Very good food and a fun place....

Had so much fun with Grandma and Melissa!

Here is Grandma arriving in Melissa's bad ass car.....sadly it was too cold to have the top down, but she is still happy and waving!

Me about to get Grandma out of the car...she is giving the Suzy Sincere smile (that is an inside thing):

Here is my aunt Melissa...she is nothing but trouble...I have stories....they will never be told here!! She's my fave!!

Here is the food....sooooo bad but so good and that is why it will only be done once maybe twice a year.....too much fried:

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