Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finally.....The Grits Story

So this is what started our journey....

Mom saw this 90th Anniversary Kitchen Aid Mixer on QVC....shocker! Everyone knows Mom loves some QVC and she does it well!!! She decided she wanted it and wanted to learn how to bake bread and other goodies. It is so pretty! It has all these cool attachments including the bread kneader? Don't know what they are all called, but it does bread!

While waiting for the mixer to arrive, Mom did some searches for baking cookbooks. In that search she came across a totally different cookbook....Glorious Grits...yum! That was ordered and the search for the perfect grit commenced!

Turns out that the author of the cookbook wrote it for her brother. He owns his own gristmill and churns out organic pure grits here in ALABAMA! AND right down the road from us. Anyone outside the south may not know what the grit is, but it is a pure delicious heavenly corn dish. I can't think how else to describe it. In its pure form....lots of butter and salt is awesome...but add cheese or shrimp...the options are endless with a good grit!

So we took a Saturday to seek out the perfect grit and the Grit Master! The one in the cookbook. His grits are sold in a store in Wilsonville, AL. It is down the road a piece from us, but not far.....the drive was great! If you see the earlier post about the old house, that was on the way to Wilsonville....which is right outside of Harpersville. We have a lot of 'villes here! The sky was cool on the way...

Wilsonville is small and I think they may have one stop light. We got to our destination and heard all sorts of sirens and here comes a HUGE motorcycle charity ride...I am guessing...I got pics...they weren't very nice bikers...they didn't wave or can see the stoplight..I couldn't get all the bikes in one shot...they just kept coming...

So anyway...we arrived at our destination!!!

I was so stupid and did not take a pic of the sign that said we could buy a laying hen for $10....I tried to convince Mom on that but she was having none of it... :oP

We walked in and went to the right and AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH....GRITS AND CORN MEAL AND GRITS!

Didn't get a picture of the blue pretty...from the yellow and blue I made the marbled cornbread....all explained in previous looks more purple than blue when cooked, but still cool...

Anyway....we were admiring all the grits and turned around and at the desk behind us was Mr. McEwen....the brother of the sister that wrote the cookbook about and for him!! Mr. Grits Master himself! He is going through all the orders for grits since the cookbook came out! He could not have been nicer....he gave us a free bag of grits AND autographed the cookbook...which we brought with us, just in case! Didn't actually expect to meet him! Such a cutie-patootie!

Then I started looking around the store. I wish I had a farm...I could get anything I needed there including Dogopoly and giraffes:

All sizes of saddles:

And hats....I actually wanted one of these, but I couldn't figure out how I could pull one off....I would look like an idiot....

Then there were tons of seeds....wish I had a garden:

And that the right term? Maybe could put these together in the side yard to wrangle the dogs?

AND of course the dusty old skillet...which of course I bought to make the marbled cornbread and whatever actually had a dead fly caught in a dust web...cleaned up nice though...

I didn't take pictures of all the plumbing supplies and all the dog supplies and there was so much more...awesome place and will be going back next weekend for more supplies.

Thank you Mr. McEwen for being so kind and thank you for your grits!!!

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