Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update ot Paranormal Activity Review

So it has been about 30 minutes since my last post. I may have to retract the "It sucked" comment because I can't stop thinking about it. Not in a "I am scared" way, but in a "it sure was a fun movie as far as audience participation" and there were plenty of jumps and frights along the way. There were several moments of "no no no no no no". Now no one left the theater except for the IDIOT parents that brought their 8 year old. IDIOTS!

I have just been reading several reviews and they all agree that seeing it with an audience makes it fun and I can agree with that. Some said the people ran out of the theater freaked out and all that.....if you run out of the theater because it scares you that bad, then there is something wrong with you and you probably sleep with the lights on is not that bad.

So take a group of friends and go see will be fun in that way!

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