Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Woo-Hoo!! Thank You Animal Peeps!

It worked! I sent the shelter info to "The Rescue Rider" plus my friends.....she sent to her people and so on and so on. She stayed in touch with the shelter director and here is the result (update from The Rescue Rider):

Wanted to give a couple of quick updates of good news:)

First I want to thank my supporters who donated to the Animal Shelter in Anniston, Alabama. On Friday I spoke with the President of their Board of Directors and she was very aware of our donations and so grateful. She cried (from joy) through half of our conversation as she was so overcome with emotions. Our donations kept their door open, their water on and most importantly, kept the animals alive.

They had a dog named Opal who had been adopted and the owner loves this dog so much, offered to match donations in June up to $5,000. They have put an SOS on their home page with a plea to Save Opal's Shelter. You can check out their website at

Also I copied a small section where they give a current update of their financial situation with a little pic of Opal:

SOS Update

Thanks to the kindness of you donors, we have been very busy the last few days. It is time to deliver some good news!

Gas: being hooked back up!
Water: remaining on!
Power: paid in full by the Anniston Medical Clinic!

In addition to our online friends, people have dropped in, mailed checks, and offered to host fundraisers. We are so grateful - there is hope on the horizon!

(p.s.: The "gift" designation is hidden. When offered whether to designate "service" or "goods" in Paypal, click the tab to reveal the other options, including "gift.")

June 8 3:40pm
First Matching Challenge Met!
Thank you so much everyone - the first $5,000 donation has been met! The matching funds are on their way from the donor, who says Opal is overjoyed! (see her and Shelter foster dog Erin below).

Another Matching Donation!
Another wonderful donor has stepped forward to add an additional $5,000 to the matching fund! Donations up to $10,000 will be matched! We are overwhelmed by your generosity and support for our shelter and our animals.

Rescue Rider...
SO things in Alabama are looking good. Again I want to thank you donors who got them through Friday and the weekend. You should feel very proud for saving these guys.

Well, after months of agonizing and hours of work, finally got the website complete enough to put it on the web although there is still some tweeking to be done. I'm grateful to W.E. and Paul J. of Cape Cod who helped downsize all the pictures, uploading and downloading, it was quite a feat.

The site will continue to be a work in progress and please, if you have pictures you want to post, please send them. I would really like feedback about the site - good or bad. I'm open to constructive criticism. So take a look at and let me know what you think!

To date I have ridden 530 miles (whew) and currently riding the BIG ride for Charlene and Dick Montgomery.

W.E. has finished 300 miles completing rides for Janis & Jerry Bricker and Joan & Bill Tietz.

Next on the list of rides to complete are for Groomers Gerianne, Charlene and clients, Big Al Wooldridge (Big donation #2), Leah Germaine & Dot & Chris Healy, Rosemary Sagnella, Jack & Delores Feola and Joanne Hanley.

We have given donations to A Better Life - Pet Rescue, Candy's Cats, the South Lake Animal League and The Haven for Injured and Orphaned Wildlife. All of them are extremely grateful.

Better Life is in desperate need of funds right now. Candy's Cats is juggling 100+ cats, South Lake is breaking ground to build a shelter in Groveland and The Haven is always filled to capacity with wildlife. So keep all of them in your hearts, prayers and pocketbooks.

As always I appreciate all of the support you continue to give me to keep me spinning those wheels and most of all, to help all of us save innocent little lives. I speak for them when I say "Thank You" from the bottom of their little hearts :)

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