Thursday, June 25, 2009

They come in 3's

I still believe that celebrities die in 3's. Not a sensitive approach to things, but:

Ed, Farrah, and Michael.

I hate that Ed and Farrah's deaths are now so not important because the "King of Pop" has died. They led good lives and had some upsets, but Ed and Farrah are still icons. I hate that their legacies are usurped by a guy that was a nutball. I appreciate his earlier work and I was a fan in the day, but he still was a nutball. I hate that no one took care of him and that he turned out the way he did.

I hope all their kids are taken care of and all are remembered in the right perspective. They all were icons across so many decades and let's all remember them in their bright shiny days. RIP to all!

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