Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spa Day

It rolls around every year....the Kids have to get their shots and we always go ahead and include a grooming and they have to have their anal glands expressed. I am not sure how that anal part happens, but they tend to have, as I affectionately call them, "butt fairies", for most of the evening.....so much fun to watch them whip their heads around to see what is getting their back ends or sit really fast to squash whatever is going on back there...bless them!

Needless to say, on these annual visits....they come back exhausted. Daisy May May actually curled up in Mom's lap and slept for like 45 minutes. She snored and was just worthless. LulaBelle kept watch on everything outside and then she came and collapsed against me (she likes to be close, but she is not the snuggler Daisy is).

Dr. Lynch said they were the sweetest pups, BUT they both gained 4 lbs over the past 6 months. I am looking at them and I don't see it. We have been giving them the light food with the salt-free green beans or peas or fresh carrots. He said that it would be better to give them the regular food because it would fill them up on less and that the diet food could actually make them more hungry. He was happy with the veggies, but we have to get these 4 off them because he does not want their knees to go weak.

I don't see the 4 lbs on either of them. They seem to be holding steady, but who am I to judge weight! I am a biggin....so therefore henceto.... the kids will be depleted by 1 tbsp a serving and we will get them super skinny!

In the picture below....they just both gave up and had to snuggle. How shiny are their coats? Hello?! Pretty snuggly exhausted girls!

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