Monday, May 21, 2012

The Leak

Got up Saturday morning and went to the kitchen to feed the kids and kept hearing what sounded like water running in the freezer.  No water coming out from under the refrigerator....just this dripping water noise.  Kept listening and looking and let it go.  Had plans to go out of town to have lunch with Grandma, my mom, aunt and my uncles.  Headed to the garage and there it was.....THERE was the water.  It had been maybe leaking all night?  It was coming from the refrigerator upstairs and through the floor into the basement.  LOVELY!  Here is a pic of the doesn't look like much but it ran all the way across the basement, under the the pile of stuff that we soooooo need to go through and get rid of.  It was a mess!

You can see the reflection of my back tire in the puddle.  What was crazy was the water wasn't even coming through the refrig water line hole.....oh had traveled down the wall behind the stove and cabinets and THEN came through.  Praying that it all dried up and we don't have black killer mold because I can't exactly pull my gas stove and cabinets out!  Here is a pic of the garage ceiling:

AND not to mention that it was dripping all over my freshly washed car!!  It was hard to take a pic of this but you can see the water coming down the door.

Trip for me to see Grandma was off.  Mom went to represent.  I ran upstairs and called a plumber.  Joey showed up and was very nice.  He pulled the refrig out and there was water puddling.  He checked the water lines and everything he was allowed to check and found nothing.  He went in the basement and turned the water off and then told me I needed to call an appliance repair guy because something was wrong IN the refrig and they aren't allowed to touch that.  I will give Joey a pass because at least he apologized for the $85.00 charge for him to come out for about 15 minutes.

Now I am heading to the yellow pages to look for an appliance repair guy.  Found one and they said they would be there Saturday afternoon.  No problem since the water was off but I had to clean up all the water that spilled out into the kitchen when Joey moved the refrigerator out.  The kitchen mats had to go out on the deck to dry and there was mopping to be problem.  I wanted to try and clean out behind the frig but Joey had moved it back a little and I couldn't move it so I could get back there AND not that I was sad about it because have any of you moved your refrig lately to see what is going on back there?  I was going to take a pic of that and said nah.....dust and water and yuckiness!

So at the end, the appliance guy came and we had a bad water valve and the filter had cracked.  There went another $250.00 but c'est la vie....we have clean coils and a new water valve and filter and he shop vac'd under and it is all good!

I did go online and price refrigerators, just in case this one couldn't be fixed and of course I found the one I want and of course it is way too expensive but in my day.....

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