Monday, May 21, 2012

Counting Crows

I have the best boss in the world!!!  Seriously....I love my job and have been there for coming up on 10 years and I am so lucky! favorite band is the Counting Crows....I have loved them forever.  Adam Duritz (lead singer) has written songs that have gotten me through so much.  His songs are joyful and melancholy and just awesome!  Now I agree, when the Crows first came out with "Mr. Jones", his dreadlocks were cool but he keeps rocking them and I am not so sure he needs them but he gets a pass because of  his music and his big beautiful dreamy eyes:

Sorry......I haz a crush!  Anyway, my boss got me tickets to go see the Crows at the Ryman Theater in Nashville.  That theater was incredible!!!!  The theater is set up with pews instead of seats and we were on the 11th row!!!!!  I took the Original Boof with me....girl road trip!!  We stayed at the Opryland hotel and it was fun.  On the way up we went to Lynchburg to tour the Jack Daniels distillery even though neither one of us drink that but what the was an adventure but we won't do that again....the smell was horrific....seriously......super hot yeast boiling in giant vats.....blech!

I am, of course, a bigger fan of the Crows than the Original Boof but I have somewhat converted her.  She likes some of their songs and they played the ones she likes.  I was singing with 2,000 other people word for word.....Adam even stopped singing so we could finish the was awesome!

Now Original Boof has a little bit different taste in music than I do so in trade off, I will be attending the KISS/Motley Crue concert in July.  Pray for me!

I tried to take pics at the concert but it was dark and none of them turned out....BOO!

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