Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank You Frontera

So last year we got sick of buying hanging baskets for the deck. We have so much direct sun and heat that we gave up because no amount of watering could save them. We visited Frontera down the road from us and picked up iron flowers. Popped them in a pot with rubber mulch and voila! Perfect flowers that don't die and don't need watering and the hummingbirds are still attracted. This one on the deck is about my height....5' 3"....yep...I am a giant!

This year we decided to do the same thing in the front. We have the same problem there with the heat and sun so we got this one from Frontera and again voila! No more watering and no dead flowers and no money down the drain...

And I would like to thank my camera and my dogs for showing exactly how much dog snot is on our storm door. They really are cute dogs and you would know that if you could SEE them! For the love....going for the Windex!

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