Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stephen Fry and the Iron Bowl??? What???!!!!

Found this video on Epic What tonight......I like Stephen Fry. If you don't know who he is....well...he is an English writer and actor and comedian....and just a hoot!

ANYWAY.....he did a show for the BBC called, "Stephen Fry in America". This was back in 2009 apparently. He traveled all 50 states and somehow he ended up at Jordan Hare and got to experience the SEC and the Iron Bowl! I think he was overwhelmed and shocked and moved and how could you not be? Any of our SEC games are something to behold!! I just thought it was kind of neat to see a "very proper" Englishman thrust into the sidelines of the Iron Bowl. I think the marching bands were shocking and the noise! We can all create some noise in a stadium!!! I love me some SEC football and I don't think we come off too crazy? Right???

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