Friday, February 4, 2011

XM Radio

I have an XM radio in my car. My fave stations are The Spectrum and Alt Nation. I have heard so many incredible bands that are not played on terrestrial radio. It is so sad that terrestial is so taken over by the record companies that original artists can't be heard. I just think the satellite option is incredible! There is so much great music out there that most people don't get to hear. I decided I would start throwing out some music that you might not have heard. I will do it in video format but don't worry about the video so much as hearing the music! I am throwing out songs I like to work out to and songs that just make me relax and music that just makes me happy and my toes tap! I hope you are a couple of my new faves....

So stuck on Florence and the is the "Dog Days Are Over".....just makes me want to dance.....loading this on the ipod for the starts out slow, but just wait...I also don't understand the video but is great!

Read about Sarah Jaffe on the Whitney Matheson's "Pop Candy" blog on the USA Today website. Love the blog and she is really into new artists. Fell in love with this song, "Clementine"....

Ray his voice and this song, "For the Summer". It is so peaceful...kind of James Taylor like but his voice is cooler....

And here is his other song that I am loving off his new album, "Beg, Borrow or Steal":

And then there are The Avett Brothers.....this is the first song I heard, "A Head Full of Doubt":

and this one,"I and Love and You":

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  1. Ooooooooh I love this idea to share new music with us!! I have to tell you, you have helped me realize how lucky we are up here in Seattle because our regular radio stations do play these artists! I love Florence and the Machine! And I am totally obsessed with Ray LaMontagne. When I first got the new album "God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise" I must have played "For the Summer" over a hundred times back to back. It is my favorite. (If you want a copy of the CD, I can burn you one!) Also, we have a local guy who sings covers of all Ray's song. If you haven't heard "Jolene" before, look it up. So sad, but a beautiful song. Love ya!