Monday, February 7, 2011

Darth Vader

Come on! Of all the Super Bowl commercials....tiny Darth Vader was the cutest and then you find out about the kid playing Darth! For the is the commercial with the follow-up:

Now here is the unveiling of this cutie-patootie! I swear he could be Meg Ryan's son before she had all the work done! Watch I wrong on that one? But bless his heart...literally...he has a congenital heart defect and at the age of 6 he has a pacemaker.....soooo stinkin' cute!!!


  1. You are so right!!! He has the Meg Ryan eyes and the cute little Meg mouth! Thanks for posting this. I confess I did not watch the Super Bowl, and I was wondering what all the hype about the Dart Vader commercial was all about. Now I know. Too cute!

  2. I think he looks like a young Luke Skywalker.