Monday, August 2, 2010

The Shuffledesks

I know this is not a very important entry to most people, but it is sentimental. Mom and I have these Shuffledesks. They are a VERY, VERY early version of lapboards. Dad bought these for us way back in the day. He died in 1976 so these are super old. They have finally had it. The material is shredding and I have tons of little white beads coming out of mine. The dogs have them stuck to their beards and they are all over the carpet and chairs. Sad as it is....we decided to man up and get new ones. We use the lapboards for our laptops and it has been kinda sad to let the old ones go.

Here is the top of Mom's. It is cracked and beat up all around the edges. It was used well for all these years. Loads of crossword puzzles have been conquered here!

Here is the back....she had the handkerchief motif on the back:

Now here is the top of mine.....a little more destuctive I am. I scratched in "WOW" and then there are a ton of other nothing. Have no idea why. And the Winnie the Pooh stickers? Again....don't ever remember putting them on there.

The back of mine was Raggedy Ann. What I hate is that you can no longer see where I wrote "I love Erik Estrada" and "I love Shaun Cassidy". I loved "Chips" and "The Hardy Boys" and I had all of Shaun's albums (yessss....ALBUMS!!!) Speaking of albums...I was rocking The Osmonds and Leif Garrett! WOOT!!

Those have been replaced now with these cool ones from Barnes and Noble! Love 'em and added new cool wireless mice because we hate the touch pad on laptops.....

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