Friday, June 4, 2010


It was that time of the year again to take the kids in for their annual shots. They have a new rabies shot that lasts 3 years instead of 1. Decided to go ahead and do that. Probably won't be doing it again! My Daisy, bless her heart, had an allergic reaction. Went and picked them up. They were a little tired after a day of shots and grooming. Got home and had them up on the bed giving them some tummy rubs. Noticed a little swollen spot on on Daisy's bottom right eye. Thought maybe it got irritated from the grooming. Then I noticed her eyelid was a little swollen. Then noticed the ginormous lumps coming up on her head. Then noticed her eye was swelling more. So grabbed her and ran out the door back to the vet. Of course it was 5:00 traffic but fortunately the vet is only a couple of miles down the road. I called ahead and they were waiting for us. By the time I got there both her eyes were almost swollen shut. It was awful!!! They grabbed her and gave her an IV of steroid and basically doggy Benadryl. They gave me another Benadryl for the next morning. My vet is awesome and they had us back on our way in 10 minutes. She was pitiful for the rest of the night. Her swelling got worse before it got better. She was sooooo beet red and hot. Her ears were very very red and I just watched her. Finally she went to sleep. By the next morning, she was all good, still sluggish and not feeling great, but much better....swelling gone. She had a very long day AND not to mention all that, the groomer accidentally clipped one of her nails too close and I had little blood spots all over the car.....BLESS HER HEART!!! See the pic below to see poor Daisy:

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