Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ladies - New least to me

I started wearing make-up when I was probably 12 or 13.  From that point on I have always cleaned my face every night.  I was taught by Mom to use Ponds Cold Cream to take off eye make-up and wash face with Noxema with moisturizer after.  Through the years I have tried some of the more expensive stuff but always went back to Ponds and Noxema.  Mom went to Olay Facial wipes.  You wet them...scrub face...rinse and then apply moisturizer.  I resisted and said NO...I am sticking with my Ponds and Noxema.  THEN Mom being the internet queen found ladies raving about Garnier towelettes.  We got some....I was resistant but decided to try and now I am HOOKED!!  Pull out one of the towelettes and just go to cleaning.  It takes off all your eye shadow, powder, mascara and cleans without having to wet or having to rinse after.  AND they smell great!!  I can just pull one out and sit down...clean face...let face dry a little and then moisturize!!  I LOVE that I don't have to stand in front of the sink and scrub and rinse and do all that mess.....they are a little cheaper if you order on Amazon but you can get at any store.  I am just throwing it out as a time saver and good face cleaner.....definitely worth trying....

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