Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Potty!!!!

I seriously can't believe I am posting this but I am so happy for Christmas Potty!! Years ago we had to replace the original toilets in the house. They were old and leaky and I replaced more flapper tank balls than I care to remember. Went shopping and found the "pressure assist" toilets. Basically I have called them the "air tank" toilets because instead of water in the back, there are two big air tanks. They have been wonderful for several years now BUT mine died. No pressure in the tanks and of course, the company that made them went out of business years ago so finding replacement tanks....not happening! We had the name of some wonderful plumbers who have done a lot of work in our neighborhood and they replaced the bad. I have had no working bathroom for a week and now all is happy happy joy joy! No traveling downstairs...I am all set! Gotta thank Mom for the Christmas present and the decorations! This is just silly!


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