Sunday, December 5, 2010

McGuires Irish Pub

While we were at the beach, we went to McGuires Irish Pub. I saw a special on Food Network about this place and have not had a chance to go until this year. Everyone that comes in gets out a dollar and sign it and it goes up on the walls or the ceiling. It is crazy how much money is around and over you! The food is great BUT huge portions! I wish I had gotten a shot of the nachos we ordered. They were HUGE! Our waiter was awesome and fun! And what is aunt's family name is McGuire...they think they own the place! HA!
This was right above us:

This was by the bathrooms....funny story there...I will share....

This was our waiter...he was AWESOME and fun:

Money over the bar....

Mom got totally tricked with the bathroom signs! Hysterical....she walked in and thank goodness the man was washing his hands....he got a big laugh out of it because he knew about the bathroom joke...take a close look at the sign. The Irish are trickers...super funny!

And here is the sign for the women's room:

And here is my cousin putting up our dollars:

And this is the cool car in the gift shop! We got a couple of t-shirts there!

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