Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Watermelons on Sticks

Yeah....bad, bad dog owner. We pushed the limit between spa days for the girls AND have not been good about brushing. You look at them with the fur on their chests and legs and they look beautiful....you think everything is cool and then you get the call from the groomer....they are too knotted up to be properly groomed...they must be shaved. You go through regret and guilt because you did not brush them and then the realization that they will be the laughing stock of the neighborhood because they look like baby watermelons on sticks.

Seriously...what the heck? I had no idea that their legs were sticks. How in the world do they function and run and jump????? These things they call legs should just snap off at the first movement!!! AND did the groomer have to shave their chests THAT much??????? It wasn't that bad!! But now looking at the picture...you know how parrots pluck their feathers out or how chickens look plucked....yeah....my girls look plucked!

BUT on a good note....it will be Christmas before they have to be groomed again! Saving money to the embarrassment of the dogs! Always look on the bright side!

BTW....they did get extra treats tonight....we have to somehow make up for the shaving!

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