Sunday, January 10, 2010


A few years ago we had our basement waterproofed. There is a pump down there that takes the water from the basement and spews it out onto the road. Because of the super record making cold, the spewed water froze and created a wonderful ice slick behind the garage.

It doesn't look like much, but it is about 2 inches thick. I tried to break it up with a shovel, but it was pointless.

I love kids as much as the next person, but the kids in this neighborhood are so stupid and so disrespectful. They discovered the ice flow and were taking rocks and trying to break it up....not small rocks but big ones that had to be picked up so tires weren't ruined. Then they thought it was fun to try to "ski" on it.....for the love! I caught them more than once and told them to get off my property because if they went down and cracked their skulls opened then their parents would sue. I was nice the first time and asked the politely, the next time....not as nice but stern. It wasn't 15 minutes later before they were right back out there. One neighbor caught them trying to put more water down to make it thicker. Another neighbor did see one bust their ass on the ice. Idiots!

So I hit Home Depot thinking maybe sand was the answer. Well, went to the garden center and the sand was frozen solid. I could not even get a bag loose. Went back in and discovered that they had giant bags of salt. Who knew they would have that available in the South? So I bought 3 bags....

I dumped and scattered it and it was AMAZING how fast it melted the ice and how much the salt itself did NOT melt. I have to go back out and take another picture of what was the ice flow and is now the salt flow! Thank you Home Depot for helping me keep kids safe from themselves. Of course that is the nice way of me saying it because I have other names for those "sweet little children" but then I would just be mean.......

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