Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grackles and Squirrels

My sweet Mom gave me an early Christmas present! She is so awesome...I got a ZOOM lens for my camera.....I had fun testing it out today! I can't explain how far away I was taking these pics because I have absolutely no concept of distance. I am sure the birds were about a million yards away.....pretty sure about that.....
So the Grackles were hanging out...

Not happy about this shot...had it on the wrong setting, but still can't believe how great the zoom lens works...these guys were over a half building away...YEAH! Gotta work on settings...

Then we have the squirrels....they have just gone nuts (no pun intended) around here. I watched 6 of them chasing each other in my neighbors tree. I love them...super cute! I was able to get pics of 2 of them in my tree! They are playing frozen....can't see us if we don't move....whatever...silly squirrels!

My poor little one on the right has a nubbin tail....probably a damn cat got her...she is of wee tail...bless it!

Look at the little baby super cute!! Thanks again Mom for the ZOOM!!! Never could have gotten this shot without it!

You can't see us if we are really still!

Little ears and big eyes!!

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