Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Unclaimed Baggage Store and other Adventures

My bud, Michelle, came over from Atlanta for a weekend. We decided to go to Scottsboro to the Unclaimed Baggage Store. Heard bad and good things about it. The story about this place is that all lost or unclaimed luggage from all airports everywhere get sent to this store.

The drive up was so beautiful! It is amazing how the landscape changes as you go further north. So pretty! We pulled off at Nocalulla Falls. Needless to was closed and dried up. So we went on.

As we were driving up through a mountain pass.....maybe Sand Mountain? I could see the Tennessee River between the trees. Kept driving and found a little turn off. It was a soon to be developed cul-de-sac. The view was so incredible! I was able to walk to the cliff and take pics. I would love to have a house with this view. But to have that view, you would have to live in a place that is a little smaller and does not have all the amenities that I am used to here. But that VIEW! See below:

And then we got to our is Michelle as we are going in and anticipating greatness!

We enter the front door and there is the map 'o' hubs:

We venture further in and start finding our possible "treasures"....HA!
First thing I found interesting.....these reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite (I did take the pic too fast so a little blurry, but still.....):

Apparently someone forgot to pick up their shoes from Japan:

Thank goodness they remembered their babies! I can't tell you how many strollers were available:

Electronics! If someone is still rolling old school with their cassette tapes and need a walkman.....they GOT IT!

NOT ONLY can you get the clear can get your very own clear TV! WOOT!

Does anyone need some earbuds for their clear walkman? Does anyone want earbuds left behind anywhere? Ewwwwww!

How do you forget your surfboard and gear? Really?

Well if you want to find some deals on art.....this is your place! Look at this treasure! You could do a whole room around this piece!

You can have this piece for the low, low, low price of (drum roll please):

Now I did look up Nelson Young...apparently he is an artist that I have never heard is a website of his work:
If I have not heard of him....does that make me stupid and without art knowledge? Would they kick me out of New York? I am such a loser......must study art! See...I did learn something from the trip!

They have a "Museum". I have proof! I thought it was impossible to leave a surfboard behind, but how do you leave behind your little buddy?????

This is Hoggle from the movie Labyrinth. He is a little creepy:

So I have been wanting to get a new comforter for the extra bedroom bed. The one in there is from the late 80's early 90's. It is old and needs to be replaced for guests. I figured I would maybe find something here:

And not so much. Here are some things the household annex did offer:

Needless to say.....did not find a comforter!

We gave up and left. There is a soda shop in Scottsboro called Payne's. I read about it online. Apparently it has been open since the 1869. We found it in the town square. Got there at 12:30. The sign said open 11-2. Guess what?! Not open. So frustrating. Scottsboro is turning into a bust.

We headed home. On the way home, Michelle spotted a sign for Wills Creek Vineyards. We hit that exit and it was about 6 miles off the interstate. It is in the country and it was so beautiful. We came up on this little white house. We were met in the parking lot by Jahn (he's from Switzerland). He and his wife own the vineyard. They make muscadine wines. The wines are sweet but tasty. There is a deck on the back of the house looking out over a beautiful pasture and mountains and a pond. You can sit out there and have a glass of wine with some cheese and enjoy the view. See below:

Here's Jahn:

We both bought a couple of bottles of wine and move on back towards home. On the way, I wanted to take a couple more pictures of some pastures and mountains. I found a little turn off and then got a surprise! Below are the pics of the pasture I chose and then the surprise!

I was taking pictures to the left of me and then I looked to the right! Awwwww!

I said "Hey Baby!" Apparently that is donkey code for come on over because she came on over:

She was so sweet! Loved her little zebra type stripes on her back. I was wishing I had some apples or carrots or donkey food for her. While I was having my zen moment....I looked up. Across the pasture....I see...what turned out to be nothing but trouble. A trouble donkey! BAD DONKEY!

Now this is the point that BAD DONKEY started making sounds like he was going to pitch his cookies.

Apparently BAD DONKEY did not like me giving attention to sweet donkey and he only a donkey can....and then jumped forward and bumped sweet donkey in the hind quarters. She jumped forward and then I told BAD DONKEY he was an ass and to back off. I continued to pet sweet donkey and then it was time to leave. Another lesson learned on this trip....a donkey can be very, very dusty!

That is the end of the trip. It was fun!

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